Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform and the opportunities for android application developers are on an unprecedented rise. Opting to pursue an app development course that is predicted to boom and dominate the smartphone market is the best investment one can make as a student or professional.

Our Android App development courses are handled by experienced professionals and offer hands-on exposure to designing an extensive range of simple to complex applications. Such an exposure at our Android developer course would also enhance your skills and competencies to meet the industrial needs.

The technical expertise that you gain during this app development course will enable you to apply for an Android Developer job; Enhancing your specific skills with advanced Android developer courses will help you if you are looking for a career change or to acquire the best project support as an Android Professional. The tutors at our Android developer course shall support you with knowledge from the very basics to the advanced levels, and so you do not have to worry about pre-requisite skills or knowledge.

We offer the best Android developer course and convenient learning opportunities with personalized Android development training in Coimbatore, live online training courses, and fast-track courses.

Course Description


The Android app development course would get you acquainted with key topics such as Layout Manager, Menus, Intents, Different Styles, Notifications, SQLite Database, Broadcasts, and how to move your applications to Google Play Store app like a Pro.


  • Significant aspect of Android OS is its open source feature
  • The Android App market is set to grow faster than ever due to the increased efficiency and affordability of its devices.
  • Demand for Android application developer jobs are on a steady rise and so is the demand for Android developer courses.
  • 84% of total smartphones in the world operate with Android OS.
  • Once you’ve mastered the concepts of Android Application Development by opting to our Android developer course, it’s easy to learn app development in other platforms.


With the skills acquired during the app development course you will get skills to

  • Build and experiment an Android App with creative features
  • Take freelance App development work from anywhere in the world
  • Apply for job as an Android developer
  • Make revenue from Google Ads by uploading the app to Google Play.


All that you require is a Windows PC or a Mac with access to the internet. A basic proficiency in computer programming is a good to have, though it is not a must-have. The app development course at Smart Skills is beginner-friendly and we teach you from scratch.

Companies are increasingly looking to hire well-trained and skilled Android developers owing to the shift in preference of consumers towards mobile apps. In India alone there are approximately 25,000 job openings for Android developers. The salary package is highly promising ranging from Rs. 1.2 lakhs to 4.6 lakhs per annum. So by pursuing the android developer course with Smart Skills, you are hedging your career in a promising field.

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  • Lectures 6
  • Duration 56 hours
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